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Manual Massagers

12:00 AM to 11:59 PM

Massager 3D Roller

The 3D Roller is fun and easy to use on your entire body to relax your muscles or stimulate blood circulation during a long flight.

Electronic Massagers

12:00 AM to 11:59 PM

Blöm Cordless Sport Massager

Deep percussion massage for sore muscles. Blöm Cordless Sport Massager delivers deep percussion massage, one of the traditional techniques used by Swedish massage therapists, to relieve your muscle tensions.

Cordless Massager-Ultimate Back Therapy

Enjoy a deep and full back massage during your flight. Equipped with 8 forward & reverse rotating heads, the Ultimate Back Therapy relieves tight back muscles on the go.

Percussion Therapy - Cordless Massager

The Percussion Therapy Cordless Massager is the favorite of pro athletes and fitness trainers. A must have to prepare your muscles before working out and recover after your effort. Small and powerful, it provides a deep percussion massage for ultimate relaxation

Cordless Massager - Neck Therapy

The Neck Therapy is a must have for travelers. A 2-in-1 product that combines a comfortable travel pillow and rotating massage heads. Relax your neck on-the-go!

Cordless Massager - Foot Therapy

Your legs & feet are swollen and heavy after a long flight? The Foot Therapy is your new ally! It lifts up your feet & legs, gives you a gentle warm foot massage, thus eases the fatigue of foot & relieves leg tension.

Cordless Massager - Body Therapy

Relaxation on the go with the Body Therapy! Body Therapy helps to relieve tension and fatigue on different parts of the body thanks to its vibrating and rotating motion.


12:00 AM to 11:59 PM

My Anti-Fatigue Sleep Mask

“My Anti-Fatigue Sleep Mask” is like a sweet dream in a bubble-like mask. Embrace yourself within this ultra cozy sleeping mask! Its ergonomic shape and fine suede touch gives you the softest feeling to help you disconnect from noisy environments.

Therapy Mask Pure Touch

Pure Touch Therapy Mask is a product featuring Tencel, the plant based fabric that makes the difference for this sleep mask! Its ultra smooth surface prevents irritations to your skin and ensure superior moisture absorption. Its ergonomic shape and cooling pads will help you fall asleep and wake up fresh after a long flight.


12:00 AM to 11:59 PM

Comfort Pillow-Inflatable

Travel light with our compact and soft inflatable pillow. With its unique valve, it needs only 2 puffs to inflate. Its Duo-sided Velvet & Cotton Fabrics offers a soft touch on one side & pure comfort on the other side.

Original Pillow

Fine-tuned by our designers for 2 years, this memory foam pillow has been developed for seasoned travelers like you. Style, perfect comfort and ultimate wellness experience. It can be fold into a travel pouch and comes with a heat patch for your neck.

Pure Touch Pillow

Pure Touch pillow is a product featuring Tencel, a plant based fabric that creates optimal skin climate from superior moisture absorption. It educes bacteria growth and prevents skin irritation. It can be fold into a travel pouch and comes with a heat patch for your neck.

Sleep Therapy Pillow

The Wellness Pillow Sleep Therapy is the Nec Plus Ultra in terms of travel pillows! It combines soft and antiperspirant Tencel® fabric, ergo-smart shape for ultimate comfort and shiatsu point for complete relaxation.